Hardware Troubleshooting

AFTER verifying the frame is square, all axis guides are moving smoothly with no play, and Hotend is assembled correctly (use E3D assembly guide ) verify or do the following before troubleshooting slicer / software settings:

1. PID Autotune*
2. Extruder Calibration*
3. Basic Auto level Sensor BASIC setup: Tevo Tarantula Auto Level Instructions.pdf
4. To set the Z offset in the firmware I’ve been using this method with auto level to get near perfect first layer height. LINK
Go to 9min 48sec

*If not done already

Printing Quality Troubleshooting

After you know you have a good hardware setup & tuned then use the following references for Slicer & print optimization:
Print Quality Troubleshooting ref 1
Print Quality Troubleshooting ref 2
Print Quality Troubleshooting ref 3

Printing with PETG? try this: LINK

E3Dv6 Clone Suggestions

Here's my personal experience & tips for E3Dv6 knock-offs, as I have both a genuine / authentic E3Dv6 and knock-off. YMMV
Knock-off heartbreaks vary greatly, The least desirable one and the most troublesome one I had had the input side drilled way too deep. Luckily I found an eBay source that had heartbreak nearly identical dimensions to the authentic version. The are so close I have to label my extras so I don’t get them mixed up.
Link to good all-metal knock-off: LINK

Obviously not all knock-offs aren't created equal. The two knockoffs I’ve had differed in Heatsink fin thickness. One was much thinner when the one knock-off I currently use is extremely close to the authentic. Unfortunately the threads for the heartbreak weren’t threaded as deep to fully insert an authentic or a dimensionally correct knock-off heartbreak listed above. Luckily I had an 7mm tap which solved that issue. On that note the thinner finned version fit the authentic heartbreak just fine.

Spend the extra on the authentic Nozzle Tips. Knockoffs aren’t consistent, at least for me they never were. Once I switch to authentic nozzles it prints excellent and consistent. In terms of fit and finish you definitely tell the difference between the authentic and knock-offs. heatsink and heater block.
Does the machining quality effect the prints, I’m not sure. Is it worth the price difference? That’s for you to decide. Making the mods above has made my knock-offs print pretty damn good.

HotEnd Leaking? Review HotEnd Assembly reference & pics

Check out Beginner's Guide LINK

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