Tarantula Hardware & Assembly

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Video guides

HotEnd Assembly

IMPORTANT: Follow the E3Dv6 Assembly guide to assemble the HotEnd correctly. Images below provided for guidance.


Mainboard Connections


Flex Extruder Assembly

(LINK to instructions)

Stepper motor estep calibration

Its important to calibrate the esteps of the printer to help get accurate sized movement and parts.
Printing the 20x20x20mm test cube and measuring with calibers is not an accurate method.

See this video by ruiraptor on how to adjust esteps using a needle and high precision ruler.
TEVO Tarantula 3D printer - ESTEPS How to calibrate step-by-step

Autolevel Instructions

Stock (SN04) Tevo Sensor*

  • To set the Z offset in the firmware & get near perfect first layer height. Video LINK. Go to 9min 48sec

Common pitfalls

Fake Capacity SD Card

Included in the Tevo kit is an SD card.
There have been a number of reports of the SD card causing problems with prints.
Random moves, prints just stopping etc.

The cause is cards which do not have the capacity as shown on them.
8GB capacity cards can actually be as little as 256MB capacity available.
So when large files or a number of files are written the file is corrupted.

The fake cards are often microSD cards fitted inside a SD card, as shown below.


Credit to Manwel O Sitoy for the image

SD card testing tools:



The hotend is an E3D v6 clone
The stock nozzle is .4mm
It has an M6 thread, 1mm pitch

Lead Screw

8mm diameter, 2mm pitch, 2mm lead
380mm length

Stepper Motors

Nema 17

Drive Shaft 4.5mm
Step Angle 1.8°
Step Angle Accuracy 1.8 ° ± 5%
Holding torque 420mN.m(I=1.5A)
Rated Current/Phase 1.5A
Phase Resistance 1.6±10%
Voltage 2.4V
Inductance 3.8mH±20%
Positioning Torque 18mN.m REF.
Maximum load starting frequency 1400pps
Maximum no-load operating frequency 8000pps
Moment of inertia 57g.cm
Ambient temperature -20 ~ 50

Timing Belt

GT2 profile
2mm pitch - 6mm wide

Bowden Fittings, PTF

Thread for hot end is M10, part number PC4-01
Thread for motor end is M6, part number PC4-M6
Bore for both is 4.3mm.


Slot 6
Slot Nut M4
20x20mm and 20x40mm


Bearings, 2 per wheel: 625-2Z or 625-ZZ

Upgrades Links

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