Tarantula FAQ

Is it a good printer?

If built carefully, this printer can provide good results in stock configuration, and can perform even better if you print some upgrades.

How long will it take me to build?

It depends on your skill and experience, but 8 hours is a good estimate.

Should I use PLA or ABS plastic?

PLA is easier to start with. Once you get it right, you can experiment with ABS.

What software should I use?

Check software section.

Where are build instructions?

Build instructions included with printer are incomplete. Please check Tarantula assembly.

My hotend constantly jams and my extruder is clicking skipping steps!

Make sure you assembled your hotend right, inserting bowden tube all the way down. You can see proper way for E3D v6 here. For stock hotend, bowden tube must go all the way down to heat block (approx. 40 mm). Check hardware setup - See pics for reference
If you're sure it's assembled correctly and it gets better when you check but then jams again, it may be that your PTFE bowden tube is slipping out of the hot end fitting (this can happen over time if you're running retraction, which you probably are).
You can try replacing the fitting and see if you get longer between jams, but some users have reported success simply ziptie-ing the plastic part of the fitting so that it's pulled up and thus holds tighter on the PTFE.

Where can I download the Community Firmware I keep reading about?

Check out the Facebook Group File Section

Where can I find upgrade parts I can print?

Try Thingiverse or the Facebook Group File Section. There's probably more out there….feel free to add.

How do I do I calibrate my printer?

Checkout these videos:
PID Autotune*
Extruder Calibration*

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